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Are you looking for a home audio system? With so many audio, video, blue-ray or HD-TV systems around your choice is sometimes rather complicated.

You have to decide which features are best for your needs, and choose a system which is within your budget and suits your listing needs.

Home audio systems come in many sizes and shapes. They can be full-sized component audio sound systems with the separate speakers, amplifiers, tuners and CD players, or they can be compact mini audio systems that can be carried from room to room.

But the trend is digital. For Example the DVDit Pro software from Roxio has it all with this peace of software you turn your computer into a full blown studio caliber DVD and Blu-ray video and audio studio. Which can stand the test to what the average "pro" used to dream of

Wireless systems give you use your entertainment center everywhere in the house or for example on the patio. Fairly easy it can be upgraded to a full blown motion detecting alarm system, and connected to other appliances in the house.

In fact building your automated house in not difficult. And you can take is as far as you wish. Its a lovely hobby.

But back to our older audio system.

Most home audio systems consist of an amplifier, a CD player, and speakers. Other components such as an FM tuner and a turntable may be added to basic audio sound systems. Other audio products that can be added to home audio systems include MP3 players, DVD players, and satellite speakers for listening to music in other rooms.

Put that together with a nice plasma TV and you are on a roll.

Mini audio systems are a special category of home audio systems. They are very popular audio sound systems for those who have limited space or who simply want portable sound. Despite their compact design, mini audio systems can sound great. Their specially designed speakers can get surprisingly deep bass sound thanks to their ported design that many mini audio systems use.

The most popular home audio systems are mid priced audio sound systems. These include mini audio systems and even wireless home audio systems. New technologies are getting great sound from even inexpensive home audio systems, so it's not necessary to spend a fortune to get some decent sound from audio sound systems.

The two most important components of home audio systems are the speakers and the amplifier. The amplifier has to be strong enough to play the music without distortion. Even mini audio systems can have a powerful amplifier, and when home audio systems are matched with good speakers and amplifiers, they make for great sounding audio sound systems.

Some people prefer whole house audio systems so they can listen to music in any room. These home audio systems have a central control panel that can select which rooms the sound is sent to. They are often wireless home audio systems to eliminate the hassles of running wires through walls.

Now the trend going toward real home entertainment systems, combining audio, video, internet connectivity, digital TV and gaming. Slowly but surely we are moving toward the "intelligent house".

When you are looking at home audio systems make sure you listen to them before choosing one. Audio sound systems vary greatly in their quality and sound, and you may be surprised at how good mini audio systems can sound.

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