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Audio Howto's - Get Tips from the Insiders

Step by Step guides to get great Audio Effects
  1. Alternatives to MP3 - AAC OGG FLAC SHN
  2. Audio Recording Software – Something for Everyone
  3. The Basics of Audio CD Mastering
  4. The Basics of Audio Mastering
  5. The Basics of Audio Recording
  6. The Basics of Home Audio Speakers
  7. Reducing Noise in Audio Files - Analog versus Digital
  8.  How to Capture Streaming Audio
  9. How to Compile Your Own CDs
  10. Organizing Your Digital Audio Collection
  11. Computer Audio Cards
  12. How to Add Audio to Video
  13. Normalizing MP3 Files
  14. How to Protect Your CD Collection
  15. How to Set Your Auto-Play Options
  16. How to Convert Mono to Stereo
  17. How to Add MIDI to Your Computer
  18. How to Use Your Computer as a Recording Studio
  19. How to Record Your Karaoke Performance



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